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Welcome to Our Club!

History: Our club was started in 1976 by a group of machinists from Self Changing Gears where they formed a Caravan and Camping Club and Committee within the company social club and the British Leyland Camping and Caravanning Association.

The first rally began with more tents than caravans at Holts Farm Napton, next to a pub! This set the precedence for years to come and good times are still had by all in a welcoming and friendly club.


We hold rallies approximately 6 - 8 times a year in different types of locations locally and further afield. Various entertainment is provided for adults and children and includes coffee mornings, quizzes, raffles, competitions and speciality nights.

These take place within our own rally tent, a local hall or of course at the nearest pub!

Additionaly our members can participate in rallies organised by any other club in the British Leyland association.